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Bamboo Wood Baskets

$46.00 - $52.00
These decorative bamboo wood baskets come as a set of three.   Sm: 14" round Med: 16" round Lg: 18.5" round

Coco Boat Leaf

Dried Natural Coco Boat Leaf Approximately 28"L x 5.5"W x 4" H Each One Will Vary   

Egg Shaped Pods in Bag

Approximately 3/4"L - 2"L Dried Belani & Amra Egg Shaped Pods in Bag, Painted Finish (Contains Approximately 30 Pieces)

Embroidered Swiss Cross Pillow

This neutral embroidered swiss cross pillow makes it blend seamlessly into any decor style. The embroidered swiss cross is the perfect texture to add with pillows. 20"x20"

Hand Woven Grass Basket with Handles

The Round Hand Woven Grass Basket with Handles is a very versatile basket. It can be used on a coffee table with books, remotes, or coasters. Also, a more practical use for storing blankets of towels...

Multi Stoneware Vase

This unique Stoneware Vase with 9 Sections is the perfect way to highlight your beautiful flowers. The white reactive glaze will pop any color of flowers you display. Its the perfect size to sit on a...

Round Enameled Mango Wood Tray

$15.00 - $22.00
These round enameled mango wood trays are perfect to dress up a table, mantel, countertop, or sideboard, with decor accessories.  This is food safe so you can use for entertaining to...